Wolf Hunt

2018 Wolf Hunts – 5 days $3000

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Timber wolves are extremely wary, silent, smooth, seemingly shy and extremely difficult to hunt.   KapRiver Outfitters has developed a unique hunting system over the last 30 years that produces results.

Peter Martin has spent decades scouting thousands of square miles of bush country in pursuit of the “Grey Ghost of the North”.  This is a truly unique hunting experience that takes place in the winter months of December through March when the snow is deep.

A typical day will begin with Guides checking known wolf hangouts.  Once an active pack is locatedKapriver-3, Peter will put the Guides on notice to “suit ’em up” which is you the hunter.  Guides will quickly place hunters at strategic shooting locations via snowmobile and sled.

Once hunters are in position, a Guide is named Tracker and the hunt “drive” begins.  The tracker will  track the pack in on snowshoes,  and the chase is on. This is when the action begins!  The wolves may try to elude the tracker, eventually get frustrated and break towards the hunters . In all order of respect, this is nothing less than a para-military experience consisting of Hunt Master Peter and his team vs the Alpha Wolf and his pack.

The anticipation of being on stand and waiting for Canada`s  most elusive of predators to appear before you is an experience you will not soon forget.

Dress warm. The sit may be long.

Read – “Stay Warm” here




If a quiet, solitude and solo  experience is your preference, Martin can also provide clients with ground blind positions  in a sit and wait scenario. Hunters and many wildlife photographers have been successful in this tact if they prepare for the long wait.


Wolf hunting clients stay at the  Main Lodge 

All non residents must provide a current hunting license in order to obtain a NON resident licence 

Dale Hainer produces this video for Ontario Out of Doors Magazine – 3 minutes duration

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