Joel McDaniel 2016

I have hunted many large game animals across North America and beyond. I pride myself in researching and respecting every animal I hunt. I do even more research on the people I hunt with. Peter and Terri of KapRiver Outfitters are second to none. If you want bells and whistles and all sorts of fluff then you better go elsewhere. If you want ANIMALS, experience, knowledge, territory, and incredible home cooked meals go Kapriver.I’ve hunted with Peter and Terri 5 different times in the last 4 years. Every time has been incredible value and a good experience. Not only the animals but the company, friendship, and good wholesome group of people that I want to spend my time with. I’ve successfully hunted fox, numerous bears, and trophy quality wolves with Peter. When he says “jump”, I now say “how high?” I have never hunted with someone with anywhere near the depth of Peters experience and education. Last time I brought my boy and he still asks me “when are we going back?” We both look forward to next years lesson and opportunity. Keep up the exceptional hard work so people like myself and my children can benefit from your efforts. Thanks Peter, Terri & all the crew…

Thomas Swiader Jr, Massachusetts –  2016

The limited amount of time I spent at at KapRiver, was an outstanding experience! Peter was the most experienced wilderness and/or hunting guide I have ever met. He is a seasoned veteran out in the bush. If that isn’t enough at night, we sit around a dinner laughing and taking about the unforgettable hunting memory’s that were just made. A table that the company and food were fit for a king, prepared by peters beautiful wife Terry! Thank you, for the five star hospitality and i hope that one day I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to hunt with KapRiver again!

Dan Corbett, NS Canada – 2016

I’ve hunted with Peter and his crew a lot. By the time you get there; they have put in most of the work. Terry is an amazing chef and business manager. Peter is a Man. (There are no words to describe his drive and passion for success). You get to to stay in their own home, eat gourmet food, and have the full hunting experience. 5 stars can’t do justice. Call and talk to Pete. You will know he is the real deal.