Grouse Hunt

Grouse Season  Sept 15 to  end of Nov

Ruffed grouse hunters are a special breed that require the right terrain and cover for easy walking and shooting.  KapRiver Outfitters train gun dogs professionally so Peter knows you will have an enjoyable “Ruffie” hunt. You will be hunting light cover with good pointers and or flushing dogs.

Along our waterways there are miles of high bush cranberry patches that hold countless numbers of grouse both ruffed and sharp tail.  The cover is light, with good visibility for doable shooting.  You can usually count on 10 flushes an hour.  We hunt with both pointers and retrievers.  The walking is easy and we always use an ATV or boats to transport our hunters to and from the hunting areas.  We also have hundreds of miles of old logging trails and thousands of acres of plantations that are home to large numbers of grouse.

You might also consider a morning duck and goose shoot at no extra charge.

Give this hunt some serious thought… I know you will not be disappointed, Peter Martin

Bird Dogs Afield – visits KapRiver Outfitters – 26 minutes duration

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